Superb Quality

Our first priority is to provide a quality product. We focused on including the best technology inside the FotoBox. From the professional-grade digital camera to the lab quality printer, we haven taken great care in creating a fantastic experience.



Instant Prints

Our lab quality printer provides instant prints to your guests. Their photos are ready in less than a minute. Your guests incur no fees, no website they have to go to in order to purchase their photo. They leave with their memories in hand!



Our philosophy is that restrictions are super lame. There's nothing worse than trying to cram 10 people in a 2 foot space. The FotoBox is "open-air" photo booth, meaning there are no walls, there are no restrictions, from toddlers to grandmas, everyone fits!


Easy Pricing

We offer an easy, upfront, all-inclusive approach to our pricing. No hidden fees, no packages, just one simple price:

Four hours of unlimited use:  


ONLY $600

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**Imago Brides receive $100 Discount!**